Artist Research # 2

Beginning in 1957 the Bernd and Hilla Becher traveled in Europe and North America taking black-and-white photographs of industrial buildings and machinery. Water towers, coal silos, blast furnaces, lime kilns, grain elevators, preparation plants, pit-head gears, and oil refineries are just some of the subjects of their photographs. They organized their photographs into series based exclusively on their functional and type arranging them into grids. They call the subjects of their photographs “anonymous sculptures” because the workers who made the pieces are unknown. Through this method the artists revealed the multitude of structural and material differences found within the different types of machinery and industrial equipment. I enjoy the freedom of their work and how their pieces were most likely found on accident. I hope to use their sense of found scenery like they do in my artwork.


Artist Research # 1

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are architects and photographers who collaboratively worked on their project “Wrapped Coast”. Christo designed and drew the original designs for the project and even went as far as creating a miniature model. Jeanne Claude helped fund and direct the 110 workers and 15 professional mountain climbers in order to cover the coast. The project was completed in Little Bay Sydney, Australia. The fabric mesh wrapped approximately 1.5 miles of seashore. Both these artists tend to do very large-scale instillation and sculptural pieces in unconventional areas. They are extremely well known for the size of their sculptures and use of interesting materials.  I am attracted by their work because of their strange landscape modifications and ability to push what we can define as artwork.

Drinking Kills


Through my piece “Drinking Kills” I wanted to exemplify the harsh reality of alcohol abuse. I tried to express my feelings on alcohol abuse through the items in the still life. I laced yarn all around the still life and mannequin to symbolize how it consumes a person and everything in their life. I used binoculars to express how the problem becomes your main focus in life. I included a magnifying glass to show how alcohol distorts your perception of reality. Lastly I included wine and a wine glass to allow the viewer to easily understand the topic of the image.

Artist Research

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Conceptual Photography is an umbrella term referring to images with a symbolic or hidden meaning. Most conceptual photography has been post processed in either an editing software or in a darkroom. Matt Wisniewski is a freelance photographer residing in New York, New York. He was born in 1990 in Philadelphia. His series “My Home is the Ocean” consist of conceptual double exposure images combining the human form with photographs of the ocean. I enjoy that the photographer used an off-white plain background for the image as doesn’t take away the attention from the subject. I plan to incorporate the style of the artist by overlay textures or images onto my self portrait.

Jeeyoung Lee was born in South Korea in 1983. She currently works and resides in Seoul. Lee produces her images in a small studio space which she paints, designs, and transforms into different scenes. It take Lee sometimes a month to set up her intricate scenes. Lee is currently being shown in studios all around the world. I was greatly influenced by her photographs called “Treasure Hunt”. The texture of the black hill she lays on and her position helps emphasize the dramatic point of view. I plan on utilizing the element of space in a photography as well as Jeeyoung.

Marina Font was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1970. She currently lives in and produces work in Miami Florida. Font graduated from Escuela de Artes in Argentina at the age of 20. Marina mostly works in a studio setting where she incorporates people into still life’s. She often creates a cohesive series of images which she displays in a story like format. Font’s piece “Connected” stood out to me the most. Her simplistic designs and high contrast create a feeling of importance. I wish to use her thematic set of images as a reference for the self portrait.